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What's Your Differentiator?

It's at the core of everything you do in your business – it's that unique characteristic that sets your business apart from every other business in your market. It's the one thing that no one else offers. It's that unique twist that draws people in to buy your product or service. It's your differentiator. You know what it is – you probably talk about it 20 times a day. But not everyone knows about it. You need to help people identify what sets you apart and what that does for them to set your business up for growth. Sometimes it’s hard to clarify and put into words, but its worth the effort. It will then become the core of your marketing plan and message.

Once you’d figured out that differentiator, use it! Mention it in all of your marketing and networking activities. Highlight it on your web site, in social media, in email marketing, in direct meetings with potential clients. Mention it to existing clients and see if it resonates with them. Periodically, it’s worth revisiting as your market and your business grow and change. Identify that differentiator early, reinforce it in all of your interactions with potential clients, and grow your business!

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