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Professional Services Firms Are Different

They are often quite specialized and tend to know their area of expertise in depth.

Marketing and business development in professional services firms is different too. Often, these firms employ the Seller-Doer model. Clients want to talk to the people who are doing the actual work, and the best ones to answer questions about potential work.

I had a mentor earlier in my career at a consulting firm who taught me a huge amount about business development and marketing professional services firms.

He believed that we’re not trying to sell a vacuum cleaner to someone who already has a vacuum cleaner – instead we’re offering consulting services that our clients need. Why not be the firm they choose by sharing our expertise and experience, and creating long term relationships? You want to be the one your clients call when they need help solving a complex problem.

I run my business by the philosophy, and share that philosophy with my clients – who are mainly in the professional services sector. Relationships are the key to successful professional services firms!


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