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Is a Marketing Strategy Really Worth It?

My company can be all things to all people…..

We’ll work with any client that comes in the door…..

Referrals have always worked to bring in the next client…..

That’s all working for you, right?

Think about a scenario in which you are working with your ideal clients on projects that play to your strengths and solve your clients’ problems.

Imagine developing a marketing strategy that helps you to:

• Figure out what’s happening in your market and where you want to be in that market;

• Clearly define who your target market is and how you can attract them to you; and

• Identify what sets you apart in a crowded market.

A recent study by Financier Worldwide found that marketers who document their strategy are 583 percent more likely to report success than those who don’t. 583 percent?? Sounds like they might be on to something!

A documented strategy is one that is clear and repeatable, with opportunity for iterative improvements.

Maybe it’s time for you to develop a marketing strategy.


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