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Set Your Business Up as a Leader!

Is your market crowded with companies vying for the same work you go after these days? Chances are, your business competes with quite a few others. Good news - your company has something that no other firm has! What is it? That's what you want to identify and highlight! Set your business apart from the crowded market clearly and concisely by focusing on your differentiators.

What is that unique characteristic that sets your business apart - is it your niche? Your expertise? Your process or tools? Once you figure it out, hammer it in all of your marketing efforts.

I work predominantly with professional services firms that want to grow to the next level. These are some of the strategies we've worked on together to realize growth, all with the goal of starting conversations with ideal clients:

  • Speak at Industry Conferences and Events. Being seen as "The Expert" on a conference program already sets you and your firm apart and establishes your leadership. Many conference organizers are looking for speakers and will often welcome you with open arms! Often you have the opportunity to speak with a client about some work you or your firm has worked on. This can be an excellent opportunity to broaden your network of contacts and create further awareness about your expertise.

  • Present a Workshop or Webinar focused on a particular topic or project. Invite clients to give their perspectives on a project you did together. Focus on the results your clients have achieved. You have the opportunity to choose the invitation list - add some ideal clients! Follow up with attendees who clearly have an interest in your topic and start a conversation.

  • Write an Article or a Blog for an industry or professional services publication. You may already have much of the content at your fingertips from client deliverables or presentations. Many publications welcome articles and blogs and it is a very effective way to establish leadership in your field.

Focus your efforts on how your industry experts have developed solutions to clients’ problems. Your competitive advantage is often having the foremost experts in your technical area with a wide range of project experience that can be brought to bear on clients’ issues. Market solutions-based expertise in proposals, presentations, and in-person meetings with clients. You'll be glad you did, and start to see results!


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