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Increasing Visibility with Your Clients

Many companies are interested in gaining more visibility with their existing and potential client base. Linking a company with a clear set of differentiators will help clients turn to you when they need help. You may want to reinforce your expertise with your client base periodically and become more recognizable in your industry.

Face to face meetings with existing and potential clients are one of the best ways to increase their knowledge of your firm and what you offer - right now, these may need to be virtual, but we can all dream of a time when they can happen again in person! If you’ve had that meeting and want to keep your firm’s name in front of the client, here are a few strategies to consider. Developing and implementing a multi-faceted marketing strategy can educate your client on your services/products as well as recent accomplishments. This type of strategy may include the following activities on a consistent schedule:

  • Be a speaker or moderator at an industry conference, webinar, or podcast;

  • Consistently post on Social Media - recent milestones, new products or services, unique approach or methodology used to solve a client’s issue; project completion, new staff, new offices opened, professional recognition, articles of interest, etc.;

  • Present webinars for clients about a topic of interest – share your expertise on a topic with which other clients might struggle;

  • Publish a Blog or VLog on your company web site about something that differentiates your company;

  • Update your company’s web site to reinforces your firm as the expert in specific areas with new content on a consistent basis;

  • Attend virtual networking events to meet new people and be visible to people you know;

  • Persuade a local publication to write an article about your business;

  • Sponsor a local non-profit organization to help them out in this challenging time;

  • Partner with another local business and co-market.

These are a few proven strategies to increase visibility. I don’t recommend inundating your clients/potential clients with information about your firm all at once! Get on a schedule to touch base periodically. Fill in the gaps with news, emails, webinars, etc. Ultimately, the idea is that this visibility will lead to new business with your client base.


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