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It's All in the Implementation

Businesses often have great ideas of how to market and get the word out about their business. And why not? Business owners know their business and market better than anyone, typically. However, many businesses struggle with the consistent implementation of their marketing. I’ve seen businesses start off with great ideas, plans, and content to reach their target market, update their web site, or post on social media. After that initial push, it is hard to stay dedicated as your day-to-day work continues to have pressing deadlines and new issues crop up. So how to keep those marketing efforts going?

  • Set up a schedule in which you devote a particular time to marketing. It could be Sunday at 3 pm, or Wednesday mornings….whatever works with your schedule. Just getting a small chunk of time on your calendar devoted to marketing will reap benefits over time.

  • Delegate – if you have the ability to give the responsibility to another competent employee, give it a try.

  • Team approach – get a few trusted people involved. Share your plan and hand out assignments.

  • Brainstorm ideas to create a calendar for the next few weeks, month, or six months. Ask several other people to write some content – articles, descriptions, samples – and get them back to you. You will then have a bank of good content that you can use when you need it. If you keep this strategy up, you won’t reach into an empty folder when you most need it!

Developing creative ideas to market your business is vital, but I find many businesses are able to come up with great ideas. The implementation is the Achilles Heel for many businesses. Come up with a strategy to implement. Reach out to fellow business owners to find out what works for them. Keep marketing on your radar consistently to see results!

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